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Why I started doing DNA testing for clients

When I first launched my nutrition business, I was doing regular nutrition plans, dietary assessments and generic nutrition advice. But in October 2015 my Biochemistry Professor Sally McCormick from Otago University, suggested that I go to a Smart DNA seminar in Auckland to hear more about DNA testing.

What I learned in the seminar blew my mind about how we can switch our genes on or off according to our diet and lifestyle choices. I was so intrigued that I decided to get my own DNA tested first. As I wanted to see how I could benefit from it before introducing it to my clients.

After getting my DNA results back nearly two years ago I found out so much incredible insights into why I am the way I am! Right down to my heart health, food sensitivities, liver health, cancer risk and even certain personality traits!

I fine-tuned my diet and supplements to better fit my genes, and after just one month I noticed improvements in my skin, as I had always suffered from eczema it was particularly bad on my hands (see photos of my hands before and after above) In fact I was so self-conscious of my skin that I would hide my hands! 

But now after continuing to eat according to my genes and avoiding the foods that don’t suit me I have completely healed my eczema and now I get frequent compliments on my skin.

Since then I started using Smart DNA testing to help my clients understand their genes and what to do to optimize their good ones and minimize the damage caused by their bad ones! The results have been amazing, I have been able to help my clients get to the genetic root of their health concerns whether it be weight issues, diabetes, heart disease, infertility, anxiety, depression or low energy levels and then help them take gene targeted action steps to overcome these naturally.

The DNA testing has helped take the guesswork out of nutrition, exercise, and supplements which helps me have more confidence as a health practitioner that I am giving the best advice to my clients.

This is why I have invested hours of my time studying all the 100 genes tested to become a certified Smart DNA practitioner. The level of insight from the DNA test is fascinating and helps us make the right diet and lifestyle choices based on the latest scientific research rather than just another opinion on the internet.

The key genes tested have such a huge impact on our health that I believe that everyone needs to get this done to make sure they are not only doing the right things but also avoiding foods and supplements that could in fact do them harm.

So if you or a loved one wants to get to the bottom of their health concerns and take the guess work out of nutrition. I would love to help! Book now to get your DNA tested!

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