Elaine Bracefield

Gene Tailored Nutrition and Personalized gut health plans!


Charlie Mana

“Elaine is a caring, passionate professional, who is focused on helping you become the best version of yourself. The biggest change for me has been my increased mental clarity when it comes to my relationship with food and knowing what is right for me.
Since getting my DNA results two months ago and making the right diet and lifestyle choices for my body, I feel amazing! I have noticed increased mental clarity, consistently higher energy levels and better performance at the gym and an improved libido” – Charlie Mana

Jennifer Brecheteau

"I had a professional, detailed and complete check up with Elaine. She listened carefully about my gut health problems and prescribed specific supplements, while explaining the ingredients and contents. I felt immediately in good hands and taken seriously. After struggling for a long time with gut health problems I am amazed to see that Elaine solved my problems very easily and I have no more gut health issues or rashes since I went to her! I can't recommend Elaine enough, she is brilliant!" – Jen Brecheteau

Kim Hampson

“I made an appointment to meet with Elaine to discuss my diet because I was constantly fatigued and I felt that some foods were not agreeing with me – but I could not tell which ones. After slightly altering my diet and taking some supplements I have made a huge improvement in energy levels and have finally reached the end of my inflammation and discomfort. I have also dodged diabetes and a heart condition that I was likely to encounter if I continued with particular foods that were not right for me. It was simple and easy.

​Elaine’s skill in reading the DNA results and the gene tailored nutrition guidance she gave me is an extraordinary thing; I now have a blueprint for good health for the rest of my life.” ​​


​”Over the last 15 years I have been suffering with chronic digestive health issues such as bloating, gut pain and sensitivity to foods. It was reducing my energy levels and I couldn’t do all the activities which I used to enjoy.

After trying countless treatments from various health practitioners for my long-term gut problems without getting real results, I was searching for something different. I then heard about Elaine from a friend who had seen her. After researching Elaine’s services, I made an appointment. On meeting Elaine, I felt comfortable and confident of her knowledge and skill.

Once my Gut microbiome results returned, I had an extensive appointment with Elaine. She explained in simple terms the test results and why I was having ongoing health issues based on the bacterial imbalances that were identified. Elaine then created a comprehensive treatment plan to correct the imbalance of gut bacteria through a specialised nutrition plan and specific supplements to be taken over 8 weeks.

Since putting the plan in place and taking the recommended supplements. I felt improvements within the first week and I have continued to regain my sense of vitality and have lost a few inches too.

I am back to doing the exercises and activities which I used to enjoy and no longer have gut pain or discomfort! My friends and family have noticed the changes in my energy and have been asking me what I have been doing recently, so I would like to say thanks to the lovely Elaine!


Prior to seeing Elaine, I was suffering from stomach cramps, irritable bowel and had a rash on my neck, which despite multiple attempts with various applications wouldn’t clear up. I had changed my diet and was eating plenty of fruit & vegetables,nuts and seeds and good protein, so could not understand why I sill had problems.

Elaine suggested that I have a SmartDNA test & an Imupro food intolerance test. The result revealed that several of these “healthy foods” were causing my issues. Elaine formulated a diet specific to my requirements, provided me with recipes and supported me through the process of change by answering my many questions and guiding me through the whole process.

After a few weeks my rash has gone and my stomach issues have settled down. Thank you Elaine

Sharon Gutry

I have been a personal trainer since the 1970s and despite all the exercise I did, I still struggled to get to my ideal size and fat percentage. I was initially hesitant and sceptical about getting my DNA tested, but after talking with Elaine at the gym and hearing the results her clients were achieving…I decided I would give it a go! I am so glad I did, because after implementing my gene tailored nutrition and exercise plan I was finally able to lose the extra weight and felt more light and energetic during my workouts. It has changed my life and I can’t thank Elaine enough for her support and guidance!

Stephen Martin

I have always struggled with my weight and decided that it was time to get into shape. I had tried all kinds of diets in the past but wanted a more scientific approach. So, when I heard about DNA testing to help take the guess work out of nutrition, I was intrigued. After chatting with Elaine and hearing more about the science behind DNA testing for health and nutrition I was excited to get my DNA tested! Going through the results with Elaine was fascinating, and there were plenty of aha moments and incredible insights into my body.

Receiving the results and recommendations that were tailored to me, was like getting a cheat sheet to making the best diet and lifestyle choices that helped me lose 5kg in just one month without starving myself! Since eating according to my genes, I have gained mental clarity, have greater energy and have been finding it easier to finally lose the unwanted belly fat!

Animesh Panda

Elaine’s encouragement and guidance has made a significant positive impact in my life.

I became mindful to focus on health and nutrition. I’m already enjoying the change. I feel more energetic than I used to, and I’m even moving better on the badminton court. I get so much done in a day now and I feel much more relaxed, even with so much going on in my life.

I cannot thank Elaine enough!”

Kitty Lin

Eye opening science done the right way. Super impressed with Elaine’s professional and personalised health and nutritional advice and services.

Her holistic approach and ability to talk science and nutrition in human terms is much needed yet so hard to find! Since seeing Elaine, I have learned more about my unique dietary requirements and how I can optimize my genetic expression to improve my overall health and energy levels.

Highly recommend for a worthwhile investment in wellness.