Elaine Bracefield

Gene Tailored Nutrition and Personalized gut health plans!

My Story

Why I became a Nutritionist, here’s where it all began…

KFC, McDonald’s and Pies these were foods I used to eat a lot of growing up in the 90s when they were considered harmless treats for the children unfortunately by the time I was 9 years old I was obese! Resulting in constant bullying at school. I was called chunky, bulgy and fatso.

This really affected my self-esteem, I felt ugly and worthless and so I became a depressed kid. Until one day I decided I had enough and was no longer going to be that fat girl!

When I was just 12 years old, I decided to take my health into my own hands. I started reading nutrition books and made huge changes to my diet. I stopped eating all the fatty fast foods and started exercising every day.

The result: I lost 20kg in one year and I looked like a completely different person. Many of my friends didn’t even recognise me!

After my transformation, I was no longer bullied! I finally felt like a normal kid and became confident in who I am. The massive transformation both externally and internally, taught me I could do anything I set my mind to.

I realized the power of nutrition, not only on our physical health, but also how it can impact the way we feel about ourselves. I became passionate about helping other people who also struggled with low mood and low self-esteem due to weight issues. Since then, I have kept off the weight through healthy living, getting my DNA tested to fine tune my diet and regular exercise. I can honestly say that I love my body and who I have become because of my struggles.

This was the start of my strong passion for health and nutrition.

However, as an adult I still suffered with eczema, asthma, food intolerances and bouts of depression.

So, believe me I know what it feels like to not have the best of me to give – to my work, to my loved ones, or to really enjoying life.

Me at 11 years old!

Which is why I know I can help you.

Through my own health struggles, I’ve come to understand how food affects me. After suffering for years and trying to find solutions to my eczema, I once again took my health into my own hands. This time the answers came through getting my DNA tested to better understand my unique diet and lifestyle requirements. After getting the DNA test results, I found out I was lactose intolerant and needed more omega 3 and Vitamin E, D and B12 than most people to function optimally. I changed my diet to better fit my genetic requirements. After only 8 weeks of fine tuning my diet, my eczema and asthma were gone! This was without the use of creams or inhalers, which I no longer need to manage my health.

Because of the difference this made in my life, I wanted to share my experience and knowledge with others, to help them reclaim their health and vitality too. After being encouraged by my former Biochemistry Professor Sally McCormick, I then did further training to become a Genomic Wellness Practitioner, so I could also interpret people’s DNA results and create gene tailored nutrition plans and personalised advice for them.

What started out as a 12-year-old girl determined to learn more about nutrition and lose weight, has
turned into a business I am proud of. Following my heart, I’ve turned my passion into an opportunity
to help others live the life they want for themselves, too.

Me Now!