Elaine Bracefield

Gene Tailored Nutrition and Personalized gut health plans!

Gene Tailored Nutrition

Take the guesswork out of Nutrition!

Our comprehensive, accurate, and affordable DNA testing makes diet and exercise simple, without the confusing, conflicting information found in the media. It’s not about one size fits all fad diets; it’s about the unique, individual needs of your body.

With just one simple saliva sample, we can reveal your unique genetic attributes and predispositions, helping you reach peak performance. Everyone from regular people to professional athletes can benefit from getting their DNA tested.

Benefits of a DNA Test

DNA testing isn’t just about weight loss. It’s also about resolving issues like diabetes, high cholesterol, low energy levels, stress, frequent fatigue, low mood and hormonal problems.

Once Elaine has analysed your unique genetic profile, she will design a tailored nutrition program to help you reach peak health and happiness. You’ll find out which foods and supplements will be beneficial to you, and which ones would be a waste of money.

Elaine will work with you to create a realistic plan to improve your metabolism, prevent disease and help turn on your good genes. You’ll be surprised at the life changing results that come from living and eating in harmony with your genes.

Diet, exercise, and more..

Our genes are a powerful predictor of health, but the food you eat, the way you exercise, and even your state of mind can switch on the expression of positive – or negative – genes. 

​The secret lies in making the best of your good genes and minimising the damage caused by ‘bad’ ones. When you take steps to eat, exercise and deal with stress in a way that suits your body, you’ll find it easier to lose weight, get fitter and feel better. 

The Fitgenes test identifies clinically significant single nucleotide polymorphisms, SNPs for short.  SNPs are genetic variations that are inherited from either one parent or both and have been found to make a huge difference to our individual make up. 

Our FitGenes health and wellbeing test covers key SNPs that will:

Getting your DNA results is like receiving a blueprint to your own body and using it to make science-based choices to ensure you are making the best nutrition and lifestyle choices for your body.

Initial Consultation and Fit-Genes DNA Test

Genomic Wellness Program

If you live outside of Auckland or would prefer a virtual consultation we can courier your DNA Collection Kit to you, complete with instructions for how to take your saliva sample. Please note you will have to pay in advance for this option, and you will be sent an invoice for online payment.

Terms and conditions for payments:

All payments need to be made within 5 days of receiving the invoice. Late payment reminders will be issued until payment is made. If payment has not been made for over 30 days following the issued date of the invoice, the client will be liable for any extra debt collection fees incurred.